Vitaly Bulgarov- This Man has Designed the Sensational Giant Robot Korean Suit

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Pic: Vitaly Bulgarov/Korea Future Technologies

Few people get noticed all over for their great piece of works and Vitaly Bulgarov is one such person now. It is known that he has worked in many Hollywood super hit films in the past and as a designer he made sensational works.

The previous Hollywood film experiences have given him lots of confidence to design 13 ft tall Robo Korean suit and he has caught the attention of many now. It is clear that this giant Robo suit mimics the motions of pilot and is superb. It is often said that science fiction is the brain behind many technological developments and this is also one such that has been spoken highly.

Some of the unique features of this Robo suit are its height of 13 ft and its machine aluminium and carbon fibre body. It is superb to note that its arms could mimic human pilot motion and the precision with which it does is superb.

Pic: Vitaly Bulgarov/Korea Future Technologies

This Robo suit could walk on any flat surface as it can balance itself well. This is driven by 46 high torque motors plus it also has huge bank of sensors in it. It is interesting to note that films like ‘’Terminator 4’’,’’Ghost in the Shell’’,’’ Robocop’’ etc have been sensational and minted huge money at box office counters.

In these films this Vitaly Bulgarov’s superb designing works got noticed by many film goers. It is interesting to note that ‘Starcraft 2’’ is science fiction video game that is highly popular and Vitaly Bulgarov has done great work in this video game.

Vitaly Bulgarov spoke about the beginnings of Method 1 mecha suit of Korea Future Technologies plus he also threw some light on how to make giant robot walk and create self balance etc. Stunning!!