This Hanson Robots Miniature Robot Professor Einstein Does Many Things

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Pic: Youtube Screengrab @ Robotics Trends

Albert Einstein was a popular theoretical physicist from Germany who has done amazingly and has caught the attention of many across the world. It is well known that the general theory of relativity developed by him was sensational and he was recognized for that. It was in the year 1921 he made many heads turn when he received the prestigious Nobel Prize in physics subject for his wonderful contributions.

Many present generation youngsters would have dreamt of having conversation with this great Albert Einstein.Their dreams would soon become reality now. It is worthy to note that Hanson Robots recently launched miniature robot ”Professor Einstein” at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES and it became cynosure of many eyes. It must be noted that this sensational robot was developed to educate and also to entertain the users.

It is interesting to note that this robot does many things like solving problems plus providing latest weather updates etc by its interaction with iOS and Android app called Stein-O-Matic. It is great that this robot teaches science plus it also plays games.

It is now said that the IQ level of the gaming app would increase to greater extent by constantly interacting with this robot ‘’Professor Einstein’’. It is revealed that creation of this robot took place by Hanson Robots superb association with toy inventor named Andy Rifkin.

It is important to note that the built in Wi-Fi connection present in this awesome robot helps in downloading the activities from the cloud. The 50 realistic facial expressions of this robot gives awesome feeling for many. Sensational!!