Maine Municipal Association Endorses Question 3

AUGUSTA – The Maine Municipal Association has joined the growing coalition in support of Question 3 on November’s ballot, voting to endorse a “Yes” vote on the initiative, which would require background checks for all gun sales in Maine.

Citing the strong support from the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, the Maine Municipal Association’s executive committee voted to endorse Question 3.

“Question 3 boils down to public safety,” said Geoff Herman, director of state and federal affairs for MMA. “The executive committee members were particularly struck by the information provided through the police chief’s’ announcement, which indicated that in states that already require background checks on all handgun sales, there is nearly a 50 percent reduction in the number of officers killed with handguns, the number of women shot to death in domestic violence assaults and the number of gun suicides.”

According to Herman, the executive committee also recognized the wide availability of licensed firearm dealers would ensure ample opportunity to connect with a dealer in order to conduct a background check for firearm sales.

Further, the executive committee found that currently Maine has two systems in place for the sale of firearms: one that requires a background check and one that doesn’t.

“That didn’t make sense to the executive committee,” Herman said. “From their perspective, only a consistent approach makes sense from a public safety standpoint.”

Earlier this year, when the citizen’s initiative was a printed bill, the MMA’s 70-member Legislative Policy Committee also voted in support of the measure after extensive debat

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