Great Learning for Startups from Bill Gates’ Quotes from Movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley”

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1Never allow success to get into your head

Success is a menace. It fools smart people into thinking they can’t lose.

2Sometime you don’t know what others can do

You don’t get it, Steve. That doesn’t matter!

3Those who build great products will always be in demand

You know how you survive? You make people need you. You survive because you make them need what you have. And then they have no where else to go.

4When you are business, be on your toes

Now, we know that IBM has set up this place to complete head-on with Apple, and that you’re gearing up to come out with a personal computer that will wipe them out. So we can get you an operating system.

5Life is funny for those who have no time for personal life

Well, I go to a movie here, and then she goes to the same movie in Denver, and then we talk on the phone about it afterwards.

6Some questions are tough to answer

Steve, all cars have steering wheels, but no one tries to claim that the steering wheel was their invention.

7Teamwork does wonders

It’s going to be very interesting, you know… you and me, working together?