Chaitanya Karamchedu- This school student has been sensational in turning seawater into drinking water by cheap method

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Pic: Global Buzz Live

Portland based Chaitanya Karamchedu is not just like any other school boy of his age. This Chaitanya Karamchedu is very special and is now spoken in high esteem by many all over.

Jesuit High School must feel happy and proud that its senior student named Chaitanya Karamchedu has made many sit up and take notice of him. It must be noted that this boy has made superb invention that could save many lives in the coming years and that is really tremendous news.

It is important to mention here that Chaitanya Karamchedu cost effective method to remove salt from sea water so that good drinking water could be got from that has been valued highly now.

This school boy spoke to KPTV and touched upon fee important things. He spoke about how one in eight people do not have any access to drinking water and further spoke about how this issue needs to be sorted out soon. According to him 70% of our planet earth is surrounded by water that is very salty in nature and is of no use for the humans.

For many years the issue of removing salt from sea water by simple cheap method has been going on without any success. As per him sea water is not fully saturated with salts. This Chaitanya wanted to concentrate more on the rest 90%sea water that is free from salt while others over the years have been concentrating on 10% of sea water saturated with salts.

Chaitanya’s sensational work is now getting recognized from many. It is really great that his work has won $ 10,000 from US Agency for International Global Development at Intel’s International Science Fair. Stupendous!!