Jyoti Bansal- This Indian techie sold his company ”App Dynamics” to the famous Cisco for mammoth $ 3.7 billion

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Pic: India Tribune

Indian techie Jyoti Bansal has become the talk of the town now. This former graduate form IIT Delhi has caught the attention of many all over. It must be noted that this Jyoti Bansal founded his company titled ‘’App Dynamics’’ eight years back. Now he has sold his company to the famous IT firm Cisco for staggering amount of $ 3.7 billion. Incredible isn’t it!!

It is now revealed that this sensational deal with Cisco would make him richer by humongous Rs 3400 crores and that is just fabulous news. It is worthy to note that App dynamics was supposed to launch IPO and this news of Jyoti Bansal selling his company to Cicso before the launch of IPO has taken many by surprise.

It was in the year 1999 this Jyoti Bansal completed his education at the famous IIT Delhi and later went to USA for greener pastures. It was also said that his dad gave him $ 200 so that he could go to Silicon Valley in USA. It must be noted that this humble Jyoti Bansal in his initial days was helping his dad in the business and since then he himself wanted to become an entrepreneur in the future.

It is well known that Bansal community which is a sub-sect of Agarwal’s community do superb business and they are highly skilful. This Jyoti Bansal with the help of H1B visa first worked for Cupertino in USA and later after eight years got green card.

It was in the year 2005 this Jyoti Bansal made many heads turn when he purchased the Wily technology company where he worked. Then in the year 2008 he started his own firm named ‘’App Dynamics’’. Superb!!